Dec 12, 2011

Tourist destination in Spain

Spain is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. The country has rich culture and tradition. You will be amazed to see the diversity of Spanish architecture. There are number of places you can visit in the country. One of such places like the Palacio Real, which is a beautiful and architectural building in the country. The building was previously used as an official residence of Spanish king. This beautiful building is a beautiful place to visit.

Some other fascinating places you must visit in Spainarethe beaches of La Concha. This is by all mean, the best tourist destination. The beaches of La Concha are the most famous in the whole of Europe. Nowhere in Europe have such beautiful beaches existed. Perfect environments provided to tourist. You can also enjoy surfing on the beach side and walk around and see the beautiful view of the city. Another place you must visit in Spain is the Roman Catholic Church Sargrada Familia in Barcelona. The building of this beautiful church is amazing. Millions of tourists visit this church every year. The church is one of the best examples of amazing Spanish architectural work.

Since Spain is the only Europium country where, you can see footprint of Muslim civilization, once such place is Mezquita or Mosque of Cordoba. This is a masterpiece building of Islamic architecture. The building is famous for its structure of pillars inside the building. This is by all mean, a great tourist destination. Other than the mentioned places, there are number of places you suppose to visit in Spain, such as Alhambra, located in the city of Granada, the beautiful El Escorial, Ibiza a beautiful Balearic island, Cueca it was a city build onridgesof mountain, the Aqueduct of Segovia a beautiful Roman era monuments. So if you are a tourist there are number of tourist attractions waiting for you in Spain.

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