Dec 12, 2011

Tourist destination in Spain

Spain is one of the best tourist destinations in Europe. The country has rich culture and tradition. You will be amazed to see the diversity of Spanish architecture. There are number of places you can visit in the country. One of such places like the Palacio Real, which is a beautiful and architectural building in the country. The building was previously used as an official residence of Spanish king. This beautiful building is a beautiful place to visit.

Some other fascinating places you must visit in Spainarethe beaches of La Concha. This is by all mean, the best tourist destination. The beaches of La Concha are the most famous in the whole of Europe. Nowhere in Europe have such beautiful beaches existed. Perfect environments provided to tourist. You can also enjoy surfing on the beach side and walk around and see the beautiful view of the city. Another place you must visit in Spain is the Roman Catholic Church Sargrada Familia in Barcelona. The building of this beautiful church is amazing. Millions of tourists visit this church every year. The church is one of the best examples of amazing Spanish architectural work.

Since Spain is the only Europium country where, you can see footprint of Muslim civilization, once such place is Mezquita or Mosque of Cordoba. This is a masterpiece building of Islamic architecture. The building is famous for its structure of pillars inside the building. This is by all mean, a great tourist destination. Other than the mentioned places, there are number of places you suppose to visit in Spain, such as Alhambra, located in the city of Granada, the beautiful El Escorial, Ibiza a beautiful Balearic island, Cueca it was a city build onridgesof mountain, the Aqueduct of Segovia a beautiful Roman era monuments. So if you are a tourist there are number of tourist attractions waiting for you in Spain.

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Oct 21, 2011

Europe Travel

A travel to Europe is trilling and surprising. There are extraordinary and unique sights from the shores in the south and the lights in the north. When you see the music scenes of Berlin and London, you will realize that Europe leads the globe in music, art, fashion, design and architecture.

You will get a chance to be in the place where democracy was born in Athens and realize one of the Seven Wonders of the World ruins in Turkey. You will realize the amazing art displays that are just around everywhere.

When you are on travel in Europe, a visit to Paris city will give you a chance for your eyes to see the history of the past 2000 years old. This city of romance is where you can experience, see, and touch the mark of the Napoleon French revolution and the WWII that was left. A travel to Paris will give you a chance to experience the sites of revolution and have the experience of the famous Da Vince Code movie at the Louvre museum.

Europe experiences two season, the winter and summer. When choosing your travel, you should have in mind the main cloudy months since sometimes the cities might be deserted, and the next time they are so busy. Visiting places such as Greece in the winter, by finding bargains visits for traditional summer. Though, travel to this part of Europe during this time, you may experience some transport difficulty.

A visit to some other countries like Italy and France in August is not much recommended since most locals are on holidays and most restaurants and shops might be closed. It’s better to travel Europe on the other months.

You can have a travel tour to Paris and Prague during the busy month of December and to any other German or Austrian cities.


Sep 4, 2007

Mediterranean Cruise Site

Mediterranean Cruise site has started nowadays you can see articles and other useful travel and cruising tips with destinations and nice photos about the Mediterranean part of South Europe.

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Nov 15, 2006

Mediterranean Cruises

Why Mediterranean Cruises?
Because Europe is a popular cruising region second only to the Caribbean (and followed by Alaska in the third place), and it's really a no-barrier to see why. The Mediterranean region truly offers something for everyone: great sights, shopping, beaches, museums, a diversity of
Cultural and natural attractions, and a decent climate.
These are the main facts why many American people like to come to Europe for cruising. For further info visit this site Mediterranean Cruises

Nov 14, 2006

Political Maps of Europe

You can find the Political maps of Europe on many websites. I just mention one for you:
It is a detailed and colored map with all the European countries and territories.

Political maps of Europe

Oct 31, 2006

Amsterdam Travel Video

A short video about Amsterdam and Cruising with Amadeus Symphony River Ship

Sep 20, 2006


Prague Apartments
Accommodation in Prague apartments. From cheap to luxury apartment accommodation in Prague historical center. Prague apartment rental.

Aug 22, 2006

Amsterdam Hilton Hotel

Hilton Hotel Amsterdam.
The hotel is located in the heart of Amsterdam's premier residential and business district, the Hilton Amsterdam offers you everything you need for productive, comfortable and relaxing stay. Just 15 minutes from Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. The Hilton Hotel is close to the WTC and RAI Convention Centre.

The Amsterdam Hilton has 271 Deluxe rooms and luxurious suites are stylishly designed and fitted with every convenience. You need, whether you are traveling for business or for pleasure.

Guests staying in the Executive Rooms or Suites also have access to the Penthouse Clubroom, where they can enjoy complimentary breakfast, international newspapers, drinks, snacks and breathtaking view. The Executive rooms offer extra facilities, and plenty of space in which to work and relax.

All conference rooms, with state-of-the-art technical facilities are flexibly configured for multifunctional use. The luxurious boardrooms are perfect for private and small meetings. Internet is available everywhere in the Amsterdam Hilton thanks to the wireless high-speed Internet connection.

Apollolaan 138, Amsterdam, Netherlands 1077 BG
Tel: +31 20 7106000
Fax: + 31 20 7106080

Hilton Amsterdam

Aug 21, 2006

Red Bull Air Race Budapest Hungary

The Red Bull Air Race aircraft is in front of the Hungarian Parliament Budapest.

Jun 30, 2006

ING Amsterdam Marathon

The Amsterdam Marathon is by far the most testing running event in the history of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It is an extremely well-organized event and is classified in the Golden League category by the International Association of Athletics Federations, the highest level for road racing competitions.

The History

The first ING Amsterdam Marathon as we know it today happened on May 3, 1975. Since that time, the start and finish lines were at the Olympic Stadium. According to certain records, the first person who won the first Amsterdam Marathon was Joergen Jensen from Denmark who ran the distance in 2.16.51. A year later, a European champion and second at the Munich Olympic Games named Karel Lismont came to Amsterdam. She is still regarded in Belgium as the best marathon runner even born on its soil, won in a tremendously hot weather condition. Another legendary winner of the Amsterdam Marathon came to the city a year later. He actually won the Boston marathon in 1975, being able to finish first in an unbeatable 2.09.55.

The Amsterdam Marathon was relocated the year when the Olympic Stadium feel into disrepair. In 1978, there was no marathon in the area, but many of those who organized the event considered the Dam Square as the new starting and finishing area for the event. The Dam Square in fact was the finish venue for one of the city’s most memorable marathons ever – the 1980 Amsterdam Marathon. It is interesting to know that the event actually remained at the Dam Square until 1989, and later Amsterdam’s new start and finish venue became Museumplein.

With the reconstructed arena, the Amsterdam Marathon finally was brought back to its former venue – the Olympic Stadium. In that venue, another memorable event took place and it was the 1996 Amsterdam Marathon when the city saw a rise in the number of its runners, both in men and women categories. The success of the marathon continues even until now and many Amsterdammers have immortalized their names through this event.

The Route

The route of the Amsterdam Marathon is usually fast, free of traffic, and as flat. During the event, digital clocks and refreshments stand line the route, which typically passed through the Vondelpark, below the Rijksmuseum and finishes back inside the Olympic Stadium.

Time Limit

Just like any other sports events, the Amsterdam Marathon has its own time limit. It has been maintained that the full marathon is subject to a six-hour time limit. The participants who fail to run the scheduled distances within the time limits set for the 25 km, 30 km, 35 km, or 40 km markers, as well as those who will exceed the overall time limit will be asked by a member of the event jury to terminate their race and to board the sag wagon for safety and health purposes. However, if despite being approached by a jury and the participants continue to run, they will be asked to do so at their own risk, as the route will be released for road traffic once the sag wagon has passed. And, it is a rule in the Amsterdam Marathon that if the participants terminate their race prior to finishing, they will not qualify for a medal.

Jun 27, 2006

Amsterdam News

The History of Amsterdam News

The Amsterdam News is basically one of the leading newspapers in New York City. It was first established in December 4, 1909 by James H. Anderson, with an initial capital of $10. Since its first introduction, the Amsterdam News has been considered as one of the leading black weekly newspapers for most of the 20th century.

Owing to its ideal location in the center of Harlem, the Amsterdam News was the primary talking head for one of the largest African-American communities in the United States. As a people’s mouthpiece, the Amsterdam News generally placed emphasis on covering the black community’s society news. Thus, included in its sections are weddings, engagements, births and charity events.

The Amsterdam News is very popular throughout the city of New York, with the highest circulation of more than 100,000. One particular memorable record in the history of the Amsterdam News is the year 1940s when this medium became one of the four leading black newspapers in the country, along with The Pittsburgh Courier, The Afro-American, and The Chicago Defender.

According to its early history, the Amsterdam News was named after the avenue in which the founder, James H. Anderson, lived – in the black community once known as San Juan Hill. It was also at this area where the first issues of the newspaper were formed, out of Anderson’s home at 132 West 65th Street. It was only in 1910 that the business offices were relocated. Also, during this early period, between 1910s to 20s, the Amsterdam News was wrote and edited by one of the renowned black journalists, T. Thomas Fortune.

In 1926, the wife of Edward Warren, one of the first publishers of the Amsterdam News purchased the paper. It was only in January 10, 1936 that the paper was resold to two West Indian physicians, who served respectively as editor-publisher and secretary-treasurer of the publication. Under their management, the now semi-weekly paper became the first African American newspaper to have all of its departments unionized. It was during this period in the history of the Amsterdam News that the paper started to focus on not only local, but also national events and issues as well. Many well-known personalities then contributed their works to the Amsterdam News, and it was Marvel Cooke, who became the paper’s first female new reporter.

Since its introduction, the Amsterdam News had championed a number of civil rights causes. As found out, the paper joined forces with other black papers during the Second World War to fight for civil rights in the armed forces. Then, in the 1950s and 60s, it was at the forefront in chronicling the events of the civil rights movement, like the well-known Montgomery Bus Boycott in Alabama, the Freedom Riders bus burning incident, as well as a number of riots.

The Amsterdam News started to pay attention on Malcolm X, and it was in the year 1958 that this paper began publishing one of its popular columns, the “God’s Angry Man”. In 1971, the paper was bought for $2.3 million by a group of investors which included Percy E. Sutton, a former Manhattan Borough President.

In 1983, Wilbert A. Tatum and several Harlem business associated purchased the paper, and they eventually began controlling interest. It was in December 1997 that the daughter of W.A Tatum named Eleanor Tatum was appointed to the position of publisher and editor in chief of the newspaper. Their management continues up to the these days.

Jun 22, 2006

The University of Amsterdam

First founded as the Athenaeum Illustre in 1632, the University of Amsterdam was built to educate students in Trade and Philosophy. During the early days, when this establishment was not yet a proper university, the lessons were generally given at the homes of the professors, and until the nineteenth century, the Athenaeum remained as a small institution, with no more than 250 students and eight teachers.

In 1877, the Athenaeum Illustre saw its boom when it was changed to Universiteit van Amsterdam, now known as UvA or University of Amsterdam. It was also during that time that the University of Amsterdam was permitted to bestow the highest educational degrees.

Since the name change, years of rapid growth lay ahead. By 1900, it was recorded that there were about 900 students studying at the University of Amsterdam. This number had risen to 2,500 by 1935, and to 7,500 by 1960. The following years, more fields of study and research were introduced and the new university departments were formed.

The University of Amsterdam these days has already more than 22,000 students. It is also worth noting that from Trade to Philosophy, the original Athenaeum Illustre had expanded into a comprehensive university offering almost 60 disciplinary fields. Of these fields, the field of technology is an exception.

With its number of students, the University of Amsterdam achieved the title of being one of the major comprehensive universities in the whole continent of Europe. The title is also attributed to the university’s budget of 487 million euros. The University of Amsterdam currently has a strong internalization programme and as an Amsterdam-based university, they offer a number of Dutch and English language courses. In addition, the University has seven faculties covering humanities, social and behavioral sciences, economic and business, medicine and dentistry, science, and law.

It is further interesting to know that the University of Amsterdam offers a comprehensive range of academic study programmes. They also publish scholarly articles of around 7,500 every year. As it is highly claimed, the fundamental academic research of the university is top of the international league in a number of respects. And, in terms of their applied research programmes, it has been noted that these programmes are often of interdisciplinary nature and they generally often focus on the social issues.

What’s more interesting to know is the fact that the University now has a number of great libraries and museums. In particular, there is the University Musuem, Art and the UvA, Allard Pierson Museum, Museum Vrolik, Schriftmusuem J.A. Dortmond, UvA Computer Museum, Zoological Museum Amsterdam, and Libraries. All of these carry a great collection of necessary materials like documentation, records, art crafts, and a lot more.

Finally, as a well-known and reputable institution, the University of Amsterdam now strives so hard to offer an inspiring and broadly oriented international academic environment where both members of the staff and students can enhance their capabilities to achieve an optimum result. It is interesting to know that the University of Amsterdam is now characterized by a critical, creative and international atmosphere, open minded and strongly engaged with society. And, since it was founded in both the historic and modern buildings spread throughout the city, the University greatly forms an integral part of the Amsterdam.

Jun 20, 2006

Amsterdam Weather

Planning or thinking for a visit to Amsterdam? Wondering what kind of Amsterdam weather would there in when you get there at this period of time? Well, if what you are after is Amsterdam weather, then the Internet will surely help you in finding the right place to visit for Amsterdam weather forecast.

Generally, there are a number of sites out there in the web that present weather forecast for the Amsterdam area. It is highly presented from those forecasts that in Amsterdam, there is actually of good weather any time of the year. The typical weather in the city ranges from a little around freezing with in winter to beautiful sunny days in the summer. Also, during the winter season in Amsterdam, little snow is often seen, while during summer, the temperature is typically around 25 degrees Celsius. It is just so normal in this area that you will find people or even you yourself often carrying an umbrella even on the hottest of July days, as summer rain in the morning sometimes precedes the arrival of bright sunshine later. Many of the Amsterdam weather forecasts further suggest that Spring and Autumn in the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands are pleasant, but can wet.

Now, if after mentioning those necessary facts about the weather in Amsterdam, you still want to actually view the forecast yourself, then you better read on. I have included below a few of the resources I have considered for finding the exact and current weather of the city of Amsterdam. Here they are: is an online site designed for those who wish to know the weather for any city, state or country. Thus, it’s no wonder that here you will find information about the current weather condition in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Presented in the page of is actually information on the preset condition of the city of Amsterdam, along with a five-day Amsterdam weather forecast. is another great site to consider when the matter is about Amsterdam weather. Just like the above mentioned site, features information about the current weather condition of the city of Amsterdam, Netherlands. It has been presented in the report that the city is experiencing rain shower with a temperature of 43 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, presents a five-day forecast of the Amsterdam weather, including a map on the forecast, temperature, and satellite for a much better and larger view.

BBC presents the current weather condition of Amsterdam in different symbols and colors. The weather symbol shown on their Amsterdam five-day weather forecast generally represents the predominant weather expected on the day in question. Note that the result presented on their weather forecast is calculated based on a weighting of different types of weather, so if a day is forecast to be sunny with the possibility of a brief shower, then you will see a sunny or partly cloudy symbol instead of a rain cloud. And, from the Amsterdam weather forecast made by BBC, it is clearly shown that the speed and direction of the wind are the expected condition at midday in the city.

Jun 4, 2006

Ajax Amsterdam and Its Stadiums

Have you seen the Ajax Amsterdam playing their part in the football championships? Or, are you familiar with Ajax Amsterdam? Well, Ajax, as many people love to call it, is one of the famous football clubs in the world. It is a club with a very rich history. Accordingly, the Ajax Amsterdam started as a club with a group of friends who got together in their spare time. From this group of friends, the club grew until it became world famous, known for its beautiful and attractive football.

A century ago, Ajax Amsterdam played soccer on a barren little The small Pitch. However, since the club has always been closely connected with the places where it played its matches, the team had moved several times until it settled to a new bigger and more impressive stadium, the Olympic Stadium.

  • The Small Pitch (1893-1900) – Before the official foundation of the Ajax Amsterdam in 1900, the club had played soccer on a small pitch at the end of Overtoom in the municipality of Nieuwer Amstel, which had been designated in 1881 as an extension for the Vondelpark. For fifteen guilders, the club was allowed to play on a field for a period of six months. And, it was only during 1896 that the City of Amsterdam pushed through its building plans. The field was then incorporated into the city borders, and so the players had to look for another pitch. Fortunately, they found the Amsterdam North.
  • Amsterdam North (1900-1907) – In 1900 until 1907, there was a great shortage of football fields in Amsterdam. This is the situation that tempted Ajax Amsterdam to play alongside farmer’s fields in the Builsloterham, Amsterdam Noord. The place was quite a trip for the spectators as it took them to travel with a chain ferry and a quarter-hour walk to reach to field. Dissatisfied with this far away location, the club moved to a playing field only a five-minute walk away from the ferry.
  • The Wooden Stadium (1907-1934) – In 1907, the building plans for a new housing at the location in Amsterdam Noord forced Ajax Amsterdam once again to move and find a new playing field. There were actually two football fields found at Middenweg, which was again located in the middle of nowhere in a typical Dutch polder. However, it was here actually that for the first time in the club’s history real stands were established around The Small Pitch. This stadium underwent expansion until it grew to a much bigger field. It is also here where Ajax Amsterdam won four league championships in succession and the number of their spectators increased rapidly.
  • De Meer (1934-1996) – The Ajax team moved once again as they realized that the value of a football stadium is not determined by the building costs, but by the team playing in it. The De Meer stadium was to became Ajax home base for 62 years, and it was here where the legendary players built up the worldwide reputation the club now has. But again, the club successes and outside pressure were reasons to move. As the stadium could no longer accommodate the large numbers of supporters, they looked for another bigger place and that they found the Olympic Stadium.
  • Olympic Stadium (1930-1996) – The Amsterdam Olympic Stadium has played an important role in the history of AFC Ajax. The area was used for matches for which more than 20,000 spectators were expected or which had to be played in the evening. And, although this stadium had not been intended for football games, Ajax Amsterdam had played many important matches in the stadium.

Ajax Amsterdam has won the national championship 27 times. The club also won 25 important international prices, making the club one of the best in Europe.

May 30, 2006

Amstel Hotel Amsterdam

A great night photo about the Amstel Hotel Amsterdam.

May 26, 2006

Travel Europe - Amsterdam Travel

So you are thinking for a travel to Amsterdam. Well, before you opt for a travel, I guess it is nice for you to know first some of the basic facts about Amsterdam, especially the mode of transportation. It is best that you know how to get there and how to get around for an ultimate Amsterdam travel.

Getting There

Amsterdam is actually accessible by air, by bus or by train, depending on your exact location.

By Air:

Note that when you go for your Amsterdam travel by air, the flights to the city usually arrive in the Schiphol Airport, which is approximately 18 kilometers away, southwest of the city center. From the Schiphol airport, the trains typically leave for Central Station every 20 minutes and so the journey takes 20 minutes. Then, from the Central Station, you'll get to have a taxi ride to town which takes approximately 15 minutes and the journey will cost you approximately €30. However, the cost actually depends on which part of the town you are going to.

Also important to consider when you prefer to take your Amsterdam travel by air is that some budget airlines are starting to fly to Rotterdam Airport, which is approximately one hour from the city via bus.

By Train:

As mentioned earlier, you can take your Amsterdam travel by train as there are domestic and international trains that travel going to Amsterdam. They typically arrive in the Central Station, which is located in the heart Amsterdam's city center.

By Bus:

The buses arriving and leaving from the city of Amsterdam do so from Amstel Station. This station is actually linked to Centraal Station by metro. And, the buses leaving for London, Brussels, and Amsterdam's other cities depart from the Amstel Station.

Getting Around

On your Amsterdam travel, note that you can stroll around the city on foot, by bike, by tram, or by bus or metro, as these are the usual mode of transportation around the city.

On Foot:

Actually, the central part of Amsterdam city is just easy to get around. However, most of what is within apart from the Red Light District and Dam Square, most of what there is to see is a short tram or bike ride away.

By Bike:

Here is a great tip for your Amsterdam travel: the best way to see the entire city of Amsterdam is to travel by bike. Today, there are more than 500,000 bikes in the city. As such, you can hire one of them for about €7 per day. Perhaps the most important thing to consider is to lock your bike, as bike theft is a huge problem in Amsterdam.

By Bus/Metro:

Both the tram and metro are useful for your ultimate Amsterdam travel. These are highly useful if you are traveling outskirts, but otherwise you probably won't need to use them. In Amsterdam, there are two metro stations, at the Nieuwmarkt and Waterlooplein, while the bus stops are not as sparse.

By Tram:

Finally, you can take your Amsterdam travel by tram, the most important mode of public transport in the Dutch capital. In the city, there are 15 different lines and they are the backbone of the city's public transport network. Just note that the best tram for your Amsterdam travel is No.20, which stops close to most of the tourist attractions.

May 25, 2006

Amsterdam Apartments

Amsterdam as we all know is the capital city of Netherlands. It is also the country’s largest city and the most visited, with more than 3.5 million foreign visitors who prefer to stay in the city every year. Well, with all the great things that Amsterdam has to offer, it’s no wonder that many people from across the globe visit the place for different purposes. It is in fact where the past, the present and the future meet.

In the city of Amsterdam, there are a lot of things to enjoy, such as the cozy environment, great dining, a memorable night out, and of course, comfortable accommodation. Many Amsterdam apartments are out there to give you the comfort and fun you want most. And, if you are now thinking for escaping to Amsterdam for just a few days, then it makes sense to base yourself at an Amsterdam apartment right in the heart of this exciting and bustling city.

Here is a list of the most visited Amsterdam apartments in the heart of the city where everything is central. Whether that would be one of the many museums or a major event, all of the accommodations are generally central. Note that these Amsterdam apartments allow you to walk about anywhere in the city.

Simply Amsterdam

At Simply Amsterdam, you are given the choice to stay in an apartment, studio, canal house or even a houseboat if you prefer. All of their accommodations are spacious and there is more privacy and more comfort than a hotel.


If you are searching for the finest accommodations, Flatmates apartments could be the best option for you. Their apartments are generally offered with the finest location and standards. They actually have a listing of the available apartments, and the owners of these apartments are personal friends of the Flatmates’ team, people who are good hosts and will give you with any assistance you might need.

Sunhead 1617

Sunhead is another top-rated name in the line of great Amsterdam apartments. As claimed, Sunhead has a number of centrally located apartments, be at the center of what the canal area has to offer. The Sunhead Amsterdam apartments are in fact just stone’s throw away from restaurants, fashion boutiques, art and antique stores, and even to some cafes.

Canal View Apartment

Canal View Apartment is another notable Amsterdam apartment that could offer you the best accommodation and service possible. It is actually a recently renovated luxury Amsterdam apartment situated on Raamgracht, at the center of Amsterdam. It is interesting to know that their rooms can accommodate up to four guests, and the neighborhood is very popular due to the diversity of locals.

Old Harbour Apartments

Located right in the historic center of the city of Amsterdam, you will find the Old Harbour Apartments, which have long been considered as the 17th century Golden Age house, dating from 1650. Just like the other mentioned Amsterdam apartments, the Old Harbour Apartments are just minutes walk from the city’s Central Station, along the old harbour front.

May 24, 2006

Amsterdam Vacation

Opting for a vacation in the greatly planned city of Amsterdam, Netherlands? Before flying to Amsterdam for your Amsterdam vacation, it is interesting to know first the basic facts about the city. It’s pretty good to get a background of Amsterdam before spending a vacation there, isn’t it? Well, for those who are currently planning or thinking for an Amsterdam vacation, or those who wish to know more about Amsterdam, here are facts below.

Amsterdam is actually a compact and instantly likeable city in Europe. As claimed by many of those who have been there for an Amsterdam vacation, the city is very appealing to look at and pleasing to walk around. It is a city where the parochial and international behaviors meet, and it is where you will feel a welcoming attitude towards visitors. This kind of behavior we known about Amsterdam was said to be shaped by the liberal counterculture it embraces since the last four decades.

Majority of the people of Amsterdam is able to speak English fluently. Some know how to speak German and French, but it is highly considered that if you are an English speaker, it is better to speak in English than in French and German as speaking the two languages is more likely to offend than do anyone a favor.

The layout of the city of Amsterdam is generally determined by a web of canals radiating out from a historical core to loop right round the center. As many of the Amsterdam vacation resources have noted, these planned, seventeenth century extensions to the medieval town make for a distinctly elegant urban environment. This is further shown by the presence of tall gabled house that are reflected in the black green waters of the city. It is then nice to know that many of the Amsterdam vacationers have deemed the city as the city at its most beguiling, that is, a world away from the traffic and noise of a number of many other European city centers. It is these facts actually that made Amsterdam one of Europe’s most popular short-haul destinations.

Before your Amsterdam vacation, it is interesting to know that there is actually an apparent contradiction to the positive aspects of the city, and this embodies much of the spirit of Amsterdam. Many of those Amsterdam vacationers who have strolled the city for a long time may know that Amsterdam is worldly known as a place where the possession and sale of cannabis are effectively legal, or at least decriminalized. For the most part, people of Amsterdam themselves can’t really be bothered with this stuff.

Also, while the city is renowned throughout the world for its tolerance towards all styles of behavior and dress, a primmer with a more mainstream dress sense would be hard to find. And, as many of the Amsterdam vacationers have known, behind the cozy cafes and dreamy canals lurks the suspicion that the Amsterdammers’ hearts lie squarely in their wallets, and while the new Amsterdam vacationers see the city as a liberal haven, locals can seem just as indifferent to this as well.
Amsterdam Vacation

May 23, 2006

Cheap Flights to Amsterdam

Cheap Flights to Amsterdam

Are you currently looking for a place online where you find a cheap flights to Amsterdam? If so, just don’t worry. There are actually a lot of portals out there on the web that could give you a cheap flights to Amsterdam. All you need to do now is to carefully choose the right portal for you as there are a lot of them. Try to consider their offers, including the reliability of their booking service. If possible, you should also try to note of the security of the chosen airline. So, if you are now ready to know the most well-known booking services online for a cheap flights to Amsterdam, then here they are: actually allows you to plan your perfect trip to Amsterdam and book a cheap flights to Amsterdam online. This site currently holds the latest and best flight deals on flights to Amsterdam, bargain airfares, airline tickets and flight deals with all the leading airlines. If in the end you decided to book your cheap flight to Amsterdam through the service of, all you need to do is just to use the booking engine that they have given on their page or select from a choice of departing airports. is but another notable site where you can find a cheap flights to Amsterdam. As commonly noted, always has a good flight deals for you whether a charter flight, first class seating or good old economy class. So, there is no reason for you not to book a flight to Amsterdam with their service. They in fact offer loads of discounted flights to the city. All you need to do is to simply employ their search box to book the cheapest flight available. generally allows you to compare discounted international airfares from more than 500 airlines. They currently feature their easy to use flight search engine that lets you choose your flight options, choose whatever flight you preferred from their clearly displayed list of available cheap flights to Amsterdam, or book a particular cheap flights to Amsterdam quickly and securely. Furthermore, offers a Fare Finder that allows you to check and find the cheapest fares for your flight. Note that there are always flight bargains to be had on Amsterdam flights, so if you are interested, just look for their saver fare logo for special fares if you can be flexible on departure date. Several other services that you must check out are provided by

At, the best deals on the cheap flights to Amsterdam can be found by way of using their search controls presented on their website. With this tool, you can select your departure airport and set Amsterdam as your destination. The exact month you wish or scheduled to travel is also needed. If all the necessary details are given, the service will find the airline tickets for your holiday, business trip or weekend break flights to the city of Amsterdam. And, if you wish to find more about the available flight deals, you are free to try their travel information pages.

You can have a cheap flights to Amsterdam

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Travel Netherlands - Hostel Amsterdam

Hostel in Amsterdam

Hostels in the city of Amsterdam are highly accessible for the tourists and locals alike. There are a lot of them peppered on the streets, some are advertising their own service. So, if you are thinking for a vacation in Amsterdam and you are currently looking for a particular place to stay, I have here a short list of the most visited hostels in Amsterdam. Consider the following:

Hostel Cosmos Amsterdam

Hostel Cosmos is basically a small friendly hostel in Amsterdam, specifically situated in the heart of the city, close to the Central Station and to all major attractions, such as the world famous Dam Square, Red Light District, Anne Frank House, and Rembrandsplein. All of the rooms at this hostel in Amsterdam have central heating and a wash basin. All have TV access, recently renovated, and each is painted in different color. It is actually the friendly atmosphere and generous hospitality that drawn guests back to Hostel Cosmos over and over again.

Hostel AnneMarie

Located in the heart of the city, the Hostel AnneMarie is actually a combination of a hostel in Amsterdam and a budget hotel. It is situated close to two of the most visited places in Amsterdam, the Van Gogh Museum and the city park Vondelpark. It is also very close to the best places, like coffee shops, clubs and museums. What’s more, this hostel in Amsterdam is clean, safe and fun. It is also here where you can meet a lot of other backpackers traveling in the city. And, their staff is willing to give you the best service possible.

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Built with modern design, the Stayokay Amsterdam Vondepark is an IYHF hostel situated right in the middle of the world famous Vondelpark, within walking distance of the Van Gogh, Rijksmuseum, and Leidseplein. At this modern hostel in Amsterdam, you can also find the Brasserie, which a cool place to stay for a cool drink or a hot meal. They offer 536 beds, and all of their rooms are equipped with the necessary amenities like shower, toilet, and washbasin. Also interesting to know about this hostel in Amsterdam is the fact that the members of the Hostelling International can receive a discount of euro 2.50 per night.

Amigo Hotel Amsterdam

Recently renovated, the Amigo Hotel is a combination of hostel and a budget hotel located in the center of Amsterdam, opposite the Artis Zoo. From this place, the various tourist attractions are only a few minutes away and many restaurants, pubs, discos, coffee shops, casino, and movie theaters are just within walking distance. What is known about this hostel in Amsterdam is its multi-lingual staff, who are well-known for their very friendly service. As claimed, the staff generally makes sure that your stay is as comfortable as possible, providing you with the superb excursion packages, out of city trips and bicycle-car rentals.

Lucky Lake Hostel

Located at the south border of the city, the Lucky Lake Hostel in Amsterdam offers you a relaxing, beautiful area and good accommodation. It is next to the blue lake area where the water is nice and clean, making this hostel in Amsterdam the best place to swim, kayak, dive, water0ski, windsurf, fish, or rent a boat. Also, all of their rooms are well appointed and equipped with the best facilities and amenities available.

Amsterdam Hostels

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