Oct 21, 2011

Europe Travel

A travel to Europe is trilling and surprising. There are extraordinary and unique sights from the shores in the south and the lights in the north. When you see the music scenes of Berlin and London, you will realize that Europe leads the globe in music, art, fashion, design and architecture.

You will get a chance to be in the place where democracy was born in Athens and realize one of the Seven Wonders of the World ruins in Turkey. You will realize the amazing art displays that are just around everywhere.

When you are on travel in Europe, a visit to Paris city will give you a chance for your eyes to see the history of the past 2000 years old. This city of romance is where you can experience, see, and touch the mark of the Napoleon French revolution and the WWII that was left. A travel to Paris will give you a chance to experience the sites of revolution and have the experience of the famous Da Vince Code movie at the Louvre museum.

Europe experiences two season, the winter and summer. When choosing your travel, you should have in mind the main cloudy months since sometimes the cities might be deserted, and the next time they are so busy. Visiting places such as Greece in the winter, by finding bargains visits for traditional summer. Though, travel to this part of Europe during this time, you may experience some transport difficulty.

A visit to some other countries like Italy and France in August is not much recommended since most locals are on holidays and most restaurants and shops might be closed. It’s better to travel Europe on the other months.

You can have a travel tour to Paris and Prague during the busy month of December and to any other German or Austrian cities.